Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apx Pool BBQ

Thanks to the wives we ate some yummy skewers!
Diving for money can get a little crazy... next time i will be subbing in for sam because i think i could have scrapped up more money! Just Kidding! Sam made us $20 BUCKS!!
Sam looks pretty buff with his shirt off.
Thanks Apx for the food and money. Sam installs better when his tummy and pockets are full.


Kristy said...

I think he works better when you are happy, and You are happy when his pockets are full! HAHA!! Love ya! Cute pics

Niels and Kayla said...

That was alot of fun! The money grab was pretty funny to watch dont ya think? ha ha anyways if you would like an invite to visit our blog email me at talk to ya later!

collinanddani said...

You have a blog. Thanks for letting me know. I know, I know I am a creepy blog stalker but hey we miss you guys! -this is Collin and Dani-