Thursday, January 20, 2011

Costa Rica

We saw lots of monkeys in the jungle...and we fed them coconuts.

Our friendship bracelets.

We went on an awesome zipline and tarzan swing deep in the jungle.

We rode a little boat out to this island to snorkel (the best snorkeling we have ever seen) we even saw some pretty big reef sharks swimming around.

I guess it was one last vacation with just us before the baby comes.


Crystal said...

Before the baby comes?! I had no clue you were pregnant! Congrats!

That trip looks AMAZING~ That picture on the swing is awesome.

NickandCarly said...

What?! Baby?! YAY!! oh gosh, I am so excited for you guys! Costa Rica looks wonderful!

Kristy said...

Did Jess do this???!!!! She must have. HAHAHA!! LOVE IT!

Mindy said...

A baby yeah! Congrats. I hope you are doing well.

jakeychucky said...

So exciting! We miss seeing you guys! I went private recently so you should go to my public blog and leave your email so i can send you an invite. its
Can't wait to hear from you!
PS- Did you get our Christmas card? said...

That was fun wasn't It!!!